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94: The All-Ireland Home Preserves Championship (Qualifier)

Indoor Section ➤ Cookery ➤ Jams & Preserves Sun 2nd Jul 2023
Sponsored by
Spice-o-Life, Dunmanway

Sponsored by: Breffni Landscapes

Judging will take place on Saturday 1st July at 4.00 p.m.
Exhibits staged from 1:30 to 3:30pm
Prizes: Prize-money will be paid out by post within 10 working days. 

The Helen O’Donoghue Memorial Perpetual Trophy will be presented to the outstanding exhibit in the Cookery Section


1. Display three pots of preserves any size one pot from each section below

  • Soft Fruits
  • Mixed Fruits
  • Marmalade

Max. space allowed 22cm by 41cm
2. Exhibitor to be creative when presenting their exhibit.
3. Points will be awarded for taste, appearance, sealing, setting and presentation
4. The competition is confined to amateurs both male & female.
5. Two exhibits will qualify from each show.
6. The exhibits must be home produced by the exhibitor.
7. In the event of an objection and following an investigation, and if the exhibitor is deemed to be making a living from their profession, they may be disqualified.
8. A special class will be held at each qualifying show.
9. All preserves will be sampled.
10. The judge’s decisions at all stages of the competition is final
11. Exhibits are displayed at owner’s risk.
12. For the final fresh pots of preserves must be entered.
These rules to be read in conjunction with ISA Rules
Entry fee: To qualifying Show: €3 To final: €6
Prizes at Final: 1st €200; 2nd €150; 3rd €100; 4th €50; 5th €25; 6th €25; 7th €25; 8th €25
FINAL: TYDAVNET SHOW Saturday 19th August 2023

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Class is currently closed for entry.