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171: Irish Draught Colt Foal Championship Qualifier (Ballinasloe)

Equestrian ➤ Horses ➤ Broodmares & Foals Dunmanway Show 2023 - Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023

Part of the Horse Sport Ireland National Showing Championship series

  1. This competition is open to animals with the breed code ID, registered in The Irish Draught Horse Studbook (or a harmonised Irish Draught Studbook) with recorded breeding.
  2. If the foal's passport is not to hand, the mare's passport must be ready for inspection prior to entry to the judging ring. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.
  3. Foals must be led at all times.
  4. Passports & (Microchips if applicable) should be read by a Vet at the Final.
  5. One foal from selected shows may qualify for the final if the judges and The I.S.A. agree the standard is high enough.
  6. One of the judges at the qualifying show must be from the I D H Judges List.v
  7. Foals qualified for the final are not eligible to enter any other classes at the show where the final is held.
  8. The Qualifying Exhibitor must fill out their own Qualifying Card at each Qualifying Show

These rules should be read in conjunction with the I.S.A Rules.
Prize Breakdown at Final: First €500.00 cash; Second €200.00 cash; Third €100.00 cash; Fourth €100.00 cash; Fifth €50.00 cash; Sixth €50.00 cash
Final Date: 24 Sep 2023
Venue: Ballinasloe Horse and Agricultural Show

Equestrian - Opening Notes

Prizes: Prize-money will be paid out by post within 10 working days.

No stallions or colts over two years allowed.

No entries permitted on day of event.

Ring 3
Entry Fee:  
Class is currently closed for entry.