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290: Department of Agriculture Breeder's Choice - Continental 4* OR 5* Breeding Heifer

Cattle ➤ Interbreed Section Dunmanway Show 2023 - Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023
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Department of Agriculture Food & The Marine
Department of Agriculture Food & The Marine


  1. This competition is open to All Continental Genotype 4* or 5* Heifers, suitable to make a Suckler Cow.
  2. Full tag number must be submitted with entry to ensure that genotype rating can be verified.
  3. Heifers may be in calf or maiden. All Heifers must be between 12 months and 24 months of age on the date of the show.
  4. Each Heifer can only enter this competition at up to five shows. If a heifer enters more than five shows, any further prizemoney will be forfeited.
  5. All heifers must be halter-trained and led by a competent adult.
  6. The foregoing rules should be read in conjunction with ISA General Rules.
Cattle - Opening Notes

Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) Notification

  1. The movement of cattle to and from an Agricultural Show/Fair within the State must be recorded on the AIM System.
  2. With effect from 4 February 2019 there is a specific Certificates of Compliance for the “Movement of Bovine from a Single Holding to a Show”, form NBAS 31K refers.
  3. The herd keeper must obtain the Certificate of Compliance prior to the movement of animals. The certificate can be created by (i) applying on-line using their agfood account or (ii) where the keeper is not on-line the certificate can be generated by the local Regional Veterinary Office (RVO) following receipt of a completed form NBAS 31 K.
  4. The creation of a certificate is subject to normal movement criteria such as clear TB test etc.
  5. A copy of form NBAS 31K is included at Appendix 2 and will also be available on
  6. When applying for this certificate, the Show/Fair number is not required. The certificate generated will include an “S” symbol. 
  7. The Certificate of Compliance for a show will continue to be valid for a period of up to 30 days. As is currently the case, these can be used for the movement of animal/s to several shows during the validity period of the certificate. Requests to the RVO should be provided with sufficient time to allow for the certificate to be generated and issued especially where one cert expires, and another is required immediately. Keepers who are likely to attend at consecutive shows are strongly advised to apply using agfood.
  8. Calves which are less than 10 days old cannot be moved to a Show.
  9. The Movement Notification Section of the Certificate should be completed and signed by the Keeper. The form should also be signed / stamped by the Show Secretary who must clearly indicate the Show Number. The Show movement should be recorded on the passport. Ultimate responsibility for fulfilling these requirements lies with the Show Secretary.
  10. If the animal/s move from the show to a herd other than the source herd, the new destination herd must also sign the certificate.
  11. Completed forms must be sent by the Show Secretary to the local RVO within seven days of the Show. Failure to have movements recorded within the required time scale may have implications for the herd keeper/s involved.

Show Herd Number: S981
ENTRIES CLOSE: 23rd June 2023

Don't forget to check out our excellent young handlers classes.

Interbreed Section - Opening Notes

Don't forget to check out our excellent young handlers classes.

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Prizes:   1st - €250.00 , 2nd - €125.00 , 3rd - €75.00 , 4th - €50.00 , 5th - €50.00 , 6th - €50.00 , 7th - €50.00 , 8th - €50.00
Class is currently closed for entry.